Commerical Operations

Along with all the 'fun things' that go on at Freeport Marina, there are more serious endeavors -- you can "Dry Store" your boat in one of the 64 Berths in this large, secure storage facility. We also provide "Wet Storage" as well. You can be sure your boat is treated with 'tender loving care' by the experts that take care of it.

We also provide Barge Service with the capacity to carry tractor trailers, large buses, construction equipment, and curb appeal services.


2017 Daufuskie Barge Schedule

Subject to change, Runs added/removed as needed.
Rate: Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment - $2.50/sf
Deck Loads: Price varies based on load ($100 minimum)
Barge is available for Charter @ $2,500/day

Call 843-247-5378 for reservations!

FP = Freeport Marina | BCM = Broad Creek Marina

*3 Hour Layover for Same Day Barge Users: Upon request, the layover time at Freeport Marina may be extended an additonal hour and the below FP-Depart and BCM-Return times will be adjusted. A same day barge user is one traveling both ways on the same day. (Layover time may be decreased for safety/operational issues as determined by Captain.)

Upon arrival at destination, Barge Users are responsible for the prompt removal of vehicles/equipment and materials.

March Barge Schedule to Daufuskie

April Barge Schedule to Daufuskie

May Barge Schedule to Daufuskie

June Barge Schedule to Daufuskie